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Jane and Rafael quickly learn that Mateo has been taken by Sin Rosetro when Michael receives a call for a ransom. Sin Rosetro will give the child back in exchange for a dragonfly brooch that was locked into evidence. Jane insists on going along to get Mateo even though she just gave birth. When the brooch wasn't in evidence, they found out Luisa had had it, but her girlfriend threw it in the pool. After getting the broach from the pool, Michael goes to make the exchange with Nadine. She tells him the brooch contains a chip with all the faces Sin Rosetro changed. Michael doesn't care about that as much as reuniting Mateo with Jane.

Jane and Rafael are reunited with their son. Jane is now worried more than ever. Mateo's weight is a little low and she goes to a lactation center for help. She blames herself for her lack of milk and not knowing the nurse was a fraud who took Mateo. Xo comforts Jane tries to help her. Rafael gets advice from Michael about how to assert his place since Jane, Xo, and Alba are so close. Rafael gives Jane advice about feeding at the right time. 

Things are still not good because Jane is a Twitter sensation after Rogelio retweeted the Amber alert that was sent out regarding Mateo. Jane's "immaculate" conception and birth has led the paparazzi and fans to camp outside her house. Jane goes out and tells Sister Margaret that she's not really a virgin. Her breasts start to leak milk and Jane jumps for joy.

Jane thanks Michael for everything he's done. She tells him Rafael will stay at the house for a few weeks, but just as Mateo's father. This gives Michael hope. Inside, Jane finds Rafael shirtless trying out skin-to-skin contact to bond with Mateo. 

Meanwhile, Petra debates what to do with Rafael's remaining sperm. She reflects on when she had been pregnant earlier in their relationship. She makes a pro/con list. Getting Rafael back is the only pro and she inseminates herself using a turkey baster. Only problem is her assistant, Scott, knows she stole the sperm.

After the craziness comes to an end, Xo shows Jane and Alba the video of her drunkenly getting married to Rogelio. All they can do is laugh.

The episode ends with a mysterious woman looking at a picture of Jane and says in a foreign language that she wants to go after her. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Rafael: Wait, what? You just gave birth.
Jane: Yeah, exactly. I'm his mother, and I have to feed him in 92 minutes, so I'm not just going to sit here and wait. I'm going. End of story. I'm just going to need a hand out of bed. Grab those wipes, and grab that burp cloth. Oh, and I need pants. Hey, can you grab me that bag of, um, adult diapers. Alright, let's go!

I'll say this, the girl's got spunk.