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After Alba makes her feel guilty for not going to church recently, Jane decides it's time to start brining Mateo. However, Rafael objects thinking their son is too young. At church, Rafael begins to have flashbacks to when he was young. He remembers his mother talking sternly to a nun. Rafael reveals to Jane and Michael that he's been holding onto stolen artwork that his father had. Michael urges Rafael to keep trying to uncover the past. Rafael tells Jane and Michael he wants to turn himself in for keeping the stolen art a secret. Jane and Rafael take a tour of the church he remembered in his memories. While there, Jane speaks with a nun about her issues connecting with God after Michael had been shot. Meanwhile, Rafael meets the Mother Superior who had been involved with stealing the artwork with his father. She hands him a sealed envelope that he later reveals to Jane is his true birth certificate. He is not a Solano. 

Rogelio tells Xo that he knows she and Bruce kissed. She begs him not to tell Jane. However, he gladly spills the beans to Jane later on. When Jane and Xo talk, she admits that when she dated Bruce before, she knew he had been married.

Rogelio uses a high-end matchmaking service run by a woman named Darci. Despite being set up with countless beautiful (and famous) women, Rogelio decides he may not be ready to fall in love, but he does want a child. Darci tells him she would be the perfect match, not for love, but for parenting. 

Michael receives the news that he didn't pass his physical in order to be officially reinstated at work.

Catalina overstays her welcome at Jane and Michael's place. She ends up crashing at Rafael's place instead of leaving town to go to a gala she had told Jane she was on he committee for. Jane suspects Catalina isn't being truthful, especially when she finds cash and jewels in her luggage. Catalina makes up an excuse which Jane buys. Later on, a mysteriously man shows up asking Catalina how she could run off with his mother's jewels. She asks him if he's made, but he says he can't stay mad at her, and then they kiss. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

Rafael: I already told you if I disagreed, I'm gonna push back.
Jane: Yeah, but I was hoping like once a year.

Xo: I know it must have been hard seeing me with someone else.
Rogelio: Oh please! I have hundreds of women lining up to meet me. Literally. So while you're out meeting with your one measly lover, I will be meeting with a matchmaker.