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Jane quits her job and insults her boss on the way out. Unfortunately, her book deal does not pay her all $50,000 dollars at once. She tries to beg her boss for her job back, but Rafael offers her the manager of the lounge at the hotel until her book takes off.

Jane runs into Michael's old colleague, Dennis, who had taken over the investigation into Michael's involvement with Mutter. In flashbacks, we see how Jane leaned on Dennis for support during the aftermath of Michael's death where she constantly had panic attacks. Jane felt betrayed after Dennis took photos of Michael's journals when they went through his boxes. In the present, they make up after boxing it out in the ring. 

After the police determined Scott's body was technically on the property of Chuck's hotel, Petra and Rafael feel relief. Scott's death is ruled an accident after Petra finds footage from Rogelio's reality show that shows Scott had been drunk. Chuck figures Petra must really like him to go through the trouble of clearly his hotel's name. Little does he know that Petra pushed Scott's body past their property line when she and Rafael found the body. Meanwhile, Rafael has a secret conversation where he and his jail friend turned Marbella employee, Elvis, discuss the ruling about Scott's death. 

Xo is furious when she is sent video footage of Rogelio agreeing to make Xo look like his crazy ex-girlfriend on his reality show. Rogelio tries making up with everyone but Xo until the end. He admits he did it because it was right after she moved in with Bruce, and he was jealous. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 12 Quotes

Wow, Chloe. You're a horrible person, and I tried to make excuses for you over the years. Like maybe your parents didn't hug you, or maybe you grew up in a prison like Bane from that Batman movie. But I just think it comes down to who you are, a petty, mean-spirited bitch!


Chuck: I've been in bed with you. You only think about yourself.
Narrator: Whoa! TMI, Chuck!