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Jane and Michael try not to let stress get to them as Jane is about to hand in her novel and Michael prepares for the LSAT. To top off Jane's worries, Mateo doesn't seem to be developing verbally as quickly as other children his age. As Jane and Michael continue to let tensions rise, they reach a boiling point after they get stuck in traffic on the way to an interview for Michael. After deciding to head to a camp ground, Jane and Michael have a heart to heart, and Mateo finally starts to add more words to his vocabulary.

Rogelio can't deny his feelings for Darci. He convinces her to go on a date, but she pushes him away thinking he's too attached to Xo. Darci finally opens up and they share their first kiss.

Petra propositions Catalina with money after she reveals Rafael is planning to dump her. While in the midst of working wit Petra, Catalina and Rafael really open up emotionally with each other. She reveals that Petra is spying on him. When Rafael confronts Petra, she breaks down due to the trauma she's been through. She also tells him she tore apart the addendum to Rafael's father's will so their family's financial future remains intact. However, Scott has taped the paper back together and shows Anezka, whom he has just married. Rafael sends Catalina on her way because he can't trust her. 



Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Rogelio: At this moment, I would love to grab you in my embrace and kiss you, but I must ask first since Donald Trump has ruined romance for all of us.
Narrator: Along with a lot of other things.

Rogelio: Okay, I have a boner.
Darci: Rogelio.
Rogelio: Not a physical boner. An emotional one. An "emoner" if you will.