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Jane is not happy that Xo is back with Bruce, but she tries to give him a chance for her mother's sake. She ends up realizing there are two sides when Bruce explains how his daughter isn't happy with the situation. Jane goes to talk with her and ends up making things better in her mom's relationship.

Michael quits is job after he realizes he can't stand being on desk duty forever. He considers different career options inclusing a car salesman and stand up comedian. After almost bombing on stage and realizing comedy isn't right for him, Michael decides to pursue becoming a lawyer.

Jane discovers Catalina's secret husband, who she claims she is divorcing. However, when Jane later sees them kiss, she tells Rafael. Rafael still seems to pursue their relationship, but Catalina and Jane are not in a tense place.

Rafael gets confirmation from Michael he not a Solano. He realizes that if that information becomes public, he could lose the Solano fortune.

Petra is paranoid that Rafael is conspiring against her with Scott, and her fears are confirmed when she pretends to be Anezka and confronts Scott. Petra ends up learning Rafael's secret due to hidden cameras she put all over his suite.

Rogelio and Darci set out the agreement for producing and raising a child together. Xo is reluctant to get on board at first, but eventually comes around to the idea. Rogelio gets "excited" on the set of his movie in front of Darci and admits he has developed feelings for her. She tells him he will need to shut them down. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 8 Quotes

Anezka: Beautiful sister, are you okay?
Petra: No. No I am not okay. You paralyzed me, and now I'm paranoid, and I can't trust anyone, not even myself!

Mr. Bee: I'm with her.
Narrator: I was too. Along with the rest of the popular vote.