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Jane finds Michael lying in the hallway shot. At the hospital, the doctor says he's not stable yet. Michael's mom shows up and takes over trying to be charge of Michael's care. Even though the doctors stabilize Michael, their's a high risk Michael could become paralyzed from the waist down. Michael's mother wants to wait and see if steroids work, but Jane wants him to have surgery. It's ultimately her decision, and she has them take Michael into surgery. Before they take him, Jane tells Michael, while he's still not conscious about the future she sees them having. The surgery is successful, and Jane is thrilled when Michael wakes up.

In a series of flashbacks to after the night Jane and Michael met, Jane is finally asked out my the guy she's had a crush on for almost two years, Sam. Unfortunately, Sam asks her out for the same night she's supposed to go out with Michael. She lies to Michael and says she sick. When Jane gets in Sam's car for their date, Michael sees them because he was coming to bring her soup. He pulls them over and confronts Jane. Jane goes to the police station to apologize for lying. After she accidently gets Michael into trouble, she and him agree to be honest. When Jane tells him she also wants to explore her relationship with Sam, Michael gets upset and they argue once more. Michael shows up at her house and says he wants to date her even if she's with Sam. Jane isn't into the idea anymore, but Michael won't give up. They kiss again.

The police question Rafael about his whereabouts during the shooting. He says he was with Petra. Anezka, who's been posing as Petra, tells Magda she slept with Rafael. Magda wants her to keep her focus and get back to Petra at the hospital so she can inject her again to keep her from communicating. The police show up and tell her she needs to review security footage with them. Anezka gets anxious and makes gets caught trying to leave. She tells the police and Rafael she just wants to see her sister. At the hospital, Petra begins to get mobility back in her fingers. When she almost has her fingers on the help button, Anezka injects her knocking her out. Later on, Rafael tells her that he didn't feel anything romantic toward her when they slept together again. Anezka is furious and tells her mom she's ready to take down Rafael. Rafael figures out that Sin Rostro is still alive and his sister is probably somehow involved. 

Luisa wakes up to find Rose sitting with her. She tells Luisa they will be together. Outside the window is water, meaning they are probably in a submarine. 

Xo reveals to Rogelio she's pregnant with Esteban's baby. She says she won't keep it, and Rogelio says he'll support her no matter what. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

You know how I always say he's my best friend? Well, I mean it.


Michael: I'm not interested in being in love triangle with you and Sam.
Jane: It's not a love triangle. I hardly know you.
Michael: Exactly, I don't know if I even like you.
Jane: Well, then why did you bring me soup?
Michael: I don't know. I wish I didn't. You know what, have a nice life with Sam, the lawbreaker.
Jane: You know what, you have a good life with your cat.
Michael: How do you know about my cat?
Jane: Your profile picture, weirdo.
Michael: That's 'cause she just died. Thanks for bringing that up, jackass.
Jane: Okay, sorry about your cat, but you don't have to call me a jackass. Dick!