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Jane and Michael get the okay from his doctor that they can have sex, but they run into several obstacles along the way: Rogelio's design team, Xo and Alba, her class, and his physical therapy. However, they eventually find alone time, and finally have sex. Afterward, Jane seems under-whelmed and little bit in shock it actually happened. Jane goes ahead and sends a video file she had taped of her grandmother to her professor, but it turns out the we camera filmed over that with footage of Jane and Michael having sex. Jane goes to see her professor, horrified. The professor realizes her virginity had kept her from adding the reality of sex to her writing. Jane confides in Lina about her bad sex with Michael and how she pretended to orgasm. Jane tells Michael, and they try to spice up their sex life but fail. Jane confides in Xo about losing a part of herself, but Xo tells her she has gained something new, and her sex life with Michael will get better. Jane hurries home after Lina tells her she let it slip to Michael she knew about their bad sex. She finds Michael watching their sex tape, trying to figure out where they went wrong. They have sex again, and it's amazing this time. 

Xo begins to question her career as a singer after failing to get past her audition for The Voice. Rogelio calls in a favor to Gloria Estefan to help inspire Xo, after Jane tells him she found a list of backup careers.

Luisa struggles with whether or not to stay with Rose. She eventually comes home and tells Rafael and Michael everything, including a murder list where Rafael's mother and half-brother are on it.

Jane works on her thesis inspire by Alba's life. She decides to write about Alba's mysterious sister, who she hasn't spoken to in decades. After finally developing her into a well-rounded character, she decides to write that the reason she told the family of Jane's grandfather about Alba not really being a virgin was because she loved him. Turns out Jane was right, when Alba accuses Jane of reading through the hidden letters in her room. 

Rogelio wants to bring The Passions of Santos to The CW. He convinces Dina to work with him to get the adaptation made. Rogelio eventually blows it with the network after they say they want Rob Lowe to play Santos. Even though they are broken up, the agree they work well together and will continue to work on bringing the show to American audiences. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 3 Quotes

Okay, I've had sex. I am now a person who's had sex.


Michael: I want it to be good for you.
Jane: It's gonna be perfect because it's you.