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Jane takes over wedding planning duty for Xo and Rogelio. She delays breaking up with Fabian because he has access to white horses which Jane is trying to acquire for the wedding. Rogelio accidently tells Fabian of Jane's plans to break up with him, and he takes his anger out on Rogelio. They get into a fight, with both of them in trouble. After canceling the official bachelor/bachelorette party, Jane and Xo get wasted and dance with a stripper. Rogelio shows up to take Xo on a carriage ride, but before they do, they ask Jane to officiate their wedding.

Rafael and Petra want Jane's input about their relationship. Jane tries to stay out of it at first, but then agrees with Petra that rekindling their relationship may not be the best idea. Rafael is hurt Jane didn't support him. After getting drunk, Jane talks on the phone separately with Rafael and Petra. Jane admits to Rafael she is just scared of her and Mateo being shut out. She convinces Rafael to go to Petra. When he does, they kiss.

Rose wants to stay away from the Marbella, but Luisa wants to go back after receiving a voicemail from Rafael saying his cancer has come back. However, they don't realize that the whole thing is a set up, since Rafael is working with the police. Chuck saw Eileen on the beach the night Scott died. When the police grab "Eileen" they take off her mask to reveal Rose underneath.


Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 19 Quotes

I just feel so lucky that I gave birth to my best friend.


Jane: I tried to use Fabian for his horses, and now he’s taking it out on dad.
Narrator: A tale as old as time.