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Jane the Virgin returned after it's short winter Olympics hiatus and tackled power struggles in academia, secret relationships, the importance of framing, chasing your dreams and being wrongly accused of a murder for the umpteenth time in a swift and laughable manner. 

Jane's been acting a little weird but you'd be acting jumpy too if you were sneaking around with your baby daddy and trying to hide it from everyone. 

After finally having sex for the first time on Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 10, Jane and Rafael can not stop hooking up! 

But sex isn't the reason or Jane's newfound happiness. It's her last day working at the Marbella!  Given what Petra is paying her to be the ghost-writer of her new book, Jane doesn't need this hotel gig anymore. 

After a tumultuous start, Petra and Jane seemingly found their groove, with Petra having absolutely no notes or criticism for the first chapter. 

Maybe working together won't be so bad after all?

The happiness is short-lived as their breakfast is interrupted by the cops, who arrest Petra for the murder of her twin sister Anezka. (Again!)

J.R was able to get Petra off on bail, but she wasn't off the hook just yet. Someone was desperate to punish Petra. 

The murder charges meant Petra's book was canceled. She wasn't too worried because "her whole life wasn't riding on it," but for Jane, it meant that she was now without a salary, without a gig and without a next-step.

Jane's pride won't let her return to the Marbella so she decides to give teaching another shot.

Coincidentally, the only person hiring is her ex-professor, Chavez. He was the guy she almost lost her virginity too before breaking down and crying in his arms. Awkward. 

But desperation will get the best of you and she reaches out to him via email, which mildly-jealous Rafael claims is "too flirty."

Chavez is eager to meet and everything goes smoothly; he thinks she's qualified but first, she has to host a guest seminar as part of her interview. 

As always, her happiness is short-lived when she accidentally spots Chavez kissing another student, Marissa. 

Jane realizes Rafael was right — Chavez is a creep. 

While she thought that they once shared a unique connection — so much that she almost slept with him — she now sees that he prey's on impressionable women. 

There's definitely a gross abuse of power, one that she can't seem to shake.

She proceeds with the seminar anyway, getting distracted every time she looks up and sees Marissa. 

Should she tell her? She would have wanted to know, she deduces.

After class, Jane pulls her aside and begins talking about sexual dynamics in the classroom between a teacher and a student. 

Marissa assumes Jane is coming onto her, and while we know she isn't, her leg cramps up and she falls onto the student, grabbing her breasts to stop herself. 

So yeah, Jane does end up in the principal's office, but it isn't to tell on Chavez for sleeping with his students, it's because she's being accused of sexual harassment.

At this point, Jane knows she isn't getting the job. Instead, she makes it a point to tell the principal that even though the school doesn't have a policy on student-teacher relationships, it should, especially if it's a pattern. 

Chavez gets the hint and Jane makes her peace, but she's still out of a job. 

In a weird way, she's kind of relieved that she didn't get the job because it helped her realize that she doesn't want to go back to teaching. 

Rafael encourages her to follow her dreams, which is what he seems to be doing. 

He put out a few job feelers considering he won't be getting the Marbella back anytime soon and being a bartender just isn't for him. 

His first job interview is a disaster mainly because the boss is a complete sleazeball and Rafael is way too overqualified to work for someone.

But, he gets re-invested in commercial property; he has a knack for spotting properties and seeing their potential. 

If he pursues this, he could be on his way to making back all his millions in no time. 

Jane is unsure of her career path but she's certain of one thing — her love for Rafael. 

They decide to make their relationship public and agree to tell their loved ones, including Mateo. 

Aside from dealing with the murder charges, Petra is trying to curb her sexual fantasies about J.R, which is slightly easier when the lawyer confesses to working for the blackmailer to frame Petra.

In a fit of anger, Petra threatens to disbar the other Jane before realizing that the blackmailer isn't her mother, who doesn't have a right hand like the suspect.

But if it isn't Magda, who is it?

Petra forces Jane to make the balcony screws inadmissible in the case, then they put into motion a plan to "meet" the blackmailer and take him or her down. 

Xo looks for her purpose since owning a dance studio and being a dance teacher didn't exactly pan out the way she had hoped.

She decides to go back to school, but before making such a decision, she shadows an Art History class. 

She's already intimidated just by being there but when the teacher picks on her, she totally shuts down.

Rogelio doesn't offer much comfort as he's preoccupied with finding a new lead for the American version of his telenovela, Passions of Santos. 

The network desperately wants his enemy River Fields because of their aggressive chemistry, but they are willing to consider Eva Longoria if he can convince her. 

Ro becomes obsessed with Eva, learning everything about her so that they find common ground. 

Eva doesn't seem bothered when she finds out they are fifth cousins, but when it turns out they are actually second cousins, any chance of sexual chemistry during the screen-test goes down the drain. 

Rogelio comes to terms with having to make-good with River Fields and asks Xo to stay with Baby while he goes to New York since she's "not doing anything."

She flips out on him for "only thinking about himself" and leaves the house in a fit on anger.

She arrives at Brad's house — he's one of her hot co-workers — and the way they frame the scene makes it seem like Ro is about to cheat on her husband! 

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Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Jane: Oh, you must be the other Jane.
Narrator: Other Jane? Whose story do you think this is?

I’m going to get you off Petra.