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Jane and Rafael are giving their relationship a fair shot — in private, of course. 

This time though, Rafael is the one putting a stop to having sex because he doesn't want their first time to be in a car where he doesn't have his full "range of motion."

Jane protests, but it's only fair considering she made him wait for so long because of "virgin till marriage" promise. 

Following her split with Jorge, Abuela has decided to find love with the help of a dating website. 

Her profile is a little standoffish, and Jane believes she'll only attract a monk. What is this, Catholic Mingle?

It seems Jesus listened to Alba's prayers because when she arrives home from church, she informs Jane she met a wonderful man. 

She agreed to the date but only if Jane would go on a double-date with him and his nephew, who just so happens to be a Harvard Med student. 

At first, Rafael thinks the whole situation is hilarious, but the little part of him that's jealous forces him to pick up a shift at the Marbella so he can spy on Jane.

He tries to distract her with some sexting, which initially works, but Jane is too polite to continue. 

When Jane and her date start getting a little too close for comfort, Rafael does everything in his power to distract her. 

Eventually, she calls him out on it in the employee backroom and he admits that he's jealous because her date is someone uncomplicated; something he'll never be. 

Rogelio finally confides in Xiomara about his hatred for being a stay-at-home dad. 

Knowing that he didn't give it his all, she recommends he join a group to interact with other parents. 

Rogelio does and self-diagnosis himself with "Male Postpartum Depression."

When he tweets about the revelation to his millions of Twitter followers, everyone starts calling him out and saying that isn't a real thing. 

One of his opposers? America's sweetheart River Fields, who is also a huge advocate for Postpartum Depression. 

Rogelio is invited to argue the topic on an episode of The Talk with River Fields, but all of the Villaneuva women advise against it.

Of course, he doesn't listen to them and ends up making a fool of himself on the show. 

At one point, things get so heated between him and River, a wolf from the show's next segment thrives off of their aggression and attacks her. 

Rogelio's agent calls and instead of a scolding, he tells him the network's loved their banter so much, they are willing to greenlight the American version of his telenovela 'Santos' under one condition: Rogelio must convince the now nine-toed River to co-star. 

After her date, Alba sees Jorge and has a breakdown when she realizes the reason she denied his marriage proposal was because she was scared of being intimate with a man after thirty years. 

Jane decides it's time for Alba's sexual reawakening and takes her to a sex shop. 

Alba, who believes sex for pleasure is a sin, is so uncomfortable and embarrassed in the store, she bolts out. 

Jane buys her a vibrator anyway and slips it into her bag, which infuriates Alba when it accidentally falls out in front of some children. 

Eventually, she decides to give it a try and finds herself really enjoying it.

Jane starts her first day as Petra's ghostwriter, and it becomes evident that their situation is going to be very challenging. 

Petra doesn't have a clear idea of what she wants her book to reflect so they try a few different thing: Jane shadows her for a day and Petra sends her some video messages.

Finally, Jane becomes assertive like Petra and tells her that instead, they will have a few meetings where she will ask calculated questions and Petra will provide answers. 

During their first meeting, Petra tells Jane how good Rafael is in bed, which has Jane bolting to his house. 

Jane runs into his apartment asking to have sex and realizing the cable guy is there. Awkward. 

She goes to take a shower and when the cable guy leaves, Rafael hops in for a steamy hook-up. Finally. 

Petra, on the other hand, ends up having a naughty dream about Jane, her lawyer. 

She's really confused and shocked by her attraction to the lawyer, who has been her only real ally during this investigation.

Jane and Petra developed a real connection, which even convinced Jane to tell her "boss" she wasn't going to ruin Petra's life.

Unfortunately, it isn't that easy.

After Petra's hearing, Jane found a new burner phone in her car with a note threatening her with jail time if she doesn't find a way to frame Petra. 

Jane the Virgin
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