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"We are not going to worry until we have something to worry about," Xiomara tells her family as they want for her biopsy results.

But that's easier said than done. 

Still, everyone tries to honor her wishes; Jane goes to her reading group, Rogelio meets with River Fields to convince her to join the American version of Passions, and Alba helps Xo fix the dishwasher.

Jane's reading group suggest that she tell her story from a different point of view, a secondary character. 

At first, Jane tries to write her accidental insemination story from Petra's point-of-view, but when Rafael finds Luisa's deposition, she taps into the mind of the doctor who did it to her. 

As we already knew, Luisa was in a terrible place when she committed the crime and felt really guilty about it. 

In her statement, she mentions running away to Longbourne, a place where her mother lived out her last days. 

Jane suggests Rafael go look for her there and he surprisingly finds her working at a local inn. 

She admits she needed a break from all the drama and gave away all of the money and her shares. 

She also burned his birth records, so the only person who knows the identity of Rafael's birth parents is Rose. 

Rose is in prison and she's not going to give up such vital information without anything in return --  she wants to know where Luisa is. 

This puts Rafael in quite a predicament as Luisa just told him she was trying to get away from Rose's toxicity. 

Will he sell out his sister for a chance at family?

Petra visits J.R and recognizes the song her mother is humming, it's her and Milosz's song. 

J.R assures Petra that Milosz is locked up in Prague and eventually, they identify the person framing her — Krishna.

Krishna panics and jumps off of Petra's balcony, probably never to be seen again.

With the case solved, Petra and J.R no longer have any business together. And since J.R isn't interested in a relationship, they part ways... for now. 

Jane is upset after Petra's twins tell Mateo there's no such thing as the tooth fairy. 

After Jane blows up on her, likely because of the stress of her mother's potential cancer, Petra dresses up as the tooth fairy and sneaks into Mateo's room. 

Jane thinks it's an intruder as Alba forgot to tell her about Petra's selfless plan but is impressed with her tenacity to bring back the magic for Mateo. 

After realizing how many times her mother has been there for her, Jane decides to write about their relationship. 

Rogelio may have accidentally burned off River Fields' eyebrows, but he successfully convinced her to sign on for the project. Of course, after a few tweaks to the script. Passions of Steve will now feature both characters as co-Presidents of the United States.

Seeing how riled up Ro is for his meeting, Xo tells everyone that her tumor is benign. 

Later on, she calls for a family meeting to reveal that she lied she has breast cancer.

Shaken by the news, Alba leads the family in a group prayer.

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Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 13 Quotes

We are not going to worry until we have something to worry about, understand?


I must say, I didn't think it was possible, but you are even more beautiful without eyebrows. And really, who needs them anyway? You know they have no function.