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Picking up right after their epic kiss, Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 9 deals with Mateo's hopes for a "happily ever after" for his family. 

"You're getting married," he exclaims after seeing Jane and Rafael kiss. They try to explain that their figuring things out, but a five-year-old isn't able to grasp that concept nor does he want to. 

Almost immediately, the co-parents realize this situation isn't going to impact Mateo well. He begins lashing out at Jane, blaming her for his broken family.

When Mateo's teacher confronts Rafael about his son's anxieties about family, it becomes obvious that they need to make a solid decision. 

Jane, understandably, has been on the fence about giving Rafael a try. Not only is she on the mend from a break-up with Adam, Rafael hasn't had the best track record lately. She points on his hook-ups with both Petra and Katherine and he admits he wasn't in the right frame of mind... until now. 

To prove to Jane that he's in it for the long haul, he asks Petra to set up an appointment with her book publisher since Jane has been upset about being let go by her own publisher for lower-than-expected book sales. 

Jane freaks out because she doesn't really have an idea for book number two. Since she cannot pass this opportunity up, she brainstorms a few vague ideas all of which have been done before. 

The book publisher is so uninterested, he actually calls Petra over to save the meeting. He begins raving all about Petra's captivating life and suddenly, they convince her to publish a lifestyle book.

This obviously doesn't sit well with Jane and she storms out of the meeting. 

Petra finds that writing about herself isn't exactly easy. Her lawyer, Jane, who she nicknamed J.R, pays her a visit and suggests maybe writing a book while on trial for the murder of your sister isn't the best idea. 

A quick heart-to-heart helps Petra understand why she's so upset; Jane is her moral compass and when she's mad at her, it means she really screwed up. 

Jane canceling family brunch seemed like the last straw. 

In return for J.R's advice, Petra promises to hand over the blueprints for the Marbella guest-room. 

We know J.R is working for someone who is trying to take Petra down so we can only imagine what they'd want the blueprints for. 

In an attempt not to be transactional as Jane called her, Petra secures a room at a coveted hospital for J.R's mother who is suffering from memory loss. 

The plot twist comes when we realize that story wasn't made up; she really does have a mother that's ill. 

Then, Petra charges to Jane's house for brunch. Jane tries to protest but Petra is adamant that they have to continue this tradition, with or without Rafael, because it was never about him to begin with. 

It was always about the two ladies checking in on each other and making sure they're doing okay. 

During brunch, Petra tells Jane how difficult writing a book is and before Jane can accuse her of stealing her spotlight, Petra asks her to be the ghostwriter.

When she offers $150/hour, Jane agrees!

Rogelio convinces Darcy to make him Baby's full-time stay-at-home nanny... the Danny, as he calls it. 

Darcy is hesitant, but eventually caves in. 

At first, Rogelio thinks hanging with his baby all day is a blast, especially when he can take cute selfies. 

But when Darcy chastises him about posting so many photos of their child and calling him the new "Heidi & Spencer," he slows his roll.

Eventually, he realizes focusing on a baby full-time isn't as fun as it looks.

He tries to tell Xo about his feelings, but when he sees how happy she is with her decision to give up on managing a studio and simply becoming a dance teacher, he decides against it. 

Jane and Rafael decide the best thing for everyone is to hit pause on their relationship. However, they continue to explore the possibility in private, without all the added pressure from the family. 

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