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It's been a few weeks since Rafael was swept up in a romantic moment with the mother of his child. 

Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 8 picks up right after that surprise kiss, that forced Michael fans to finally consider the possibility that Jafael (yes, it's a thing) is end-game.

Unfortunately, the moment was interrupted by Mateo, whose anxiety about starting kindergarten left his tossing and turning.

As Jane goes to tuck him into bed, her face reveals that she's really uncertain about what just happened. 

But Rafael, he looks like he's on cloud nine. 

Later, it's confirmed that Rafael considered that to be the best kiss ever while Jane thought it was flat-out terrible.

Rafael is pulled from his trance by a frantic call from Petra, who informs him that Anezka is dead. 

"I know," he tells her but she clarifies that it was a hoax and this time she's really dead. 

Petra is nonchalant about it because she claims it was "self-defense," but Rafael, who has been in prison tells her to lawyer up. 

Soon after, a lawyer named Jane Ramos waltzes into Petra's office offering up her services, but Petra becomes defensive and accuses her of just wanting to extort money. 

Jane continues to calmly explain "what's going to happen" and then tells Petra she isn't interested in the gig.

As soon as the authorities come knocking on the door, asking for everything Jane warned her about, Petra orders Krishna to hire Jane at any cost. 

Back at the Villanueva household, Jane wants to talk about the kiss, but there are more pressing matters: kindergarten.

And more importantly, how they are going to lie about their district to ensure Mateo can attend the school.

in order for that to happen, Mateo must tell everyone he lives at Ro and Xo's house. Jane stocks the house up with pictures and toys to make it believable. Just in case anyone decides to check.

After a successful first day, Mateo asks his parents if his new friends can come over for a playdate. Without hesitation, Rafael agrees, failing to realize that their house is actually Ro and Xo's.

Jane buys them some time and encourages Mateo to play a game of "Pretend We Live Here," which is basically the nice version of saying "please lie."

Of course, things don't go as planned. The mom's question Jane about all the breast milk in the fridge and the risque photos of the porn-stars in the bathroom, which Jane confesses are her parents. 

She tries to sell the store of a "hippie" household but before the playdate is over, the mom's reveal that they know this isn't their place. 

They assure Jane they don't care but warn her to be cautious of the parents that will tattle.

Jane and Rafael finally address the kiss and before Jane can shoot the idea down, Raf presents her with a list of reasons why it wouldn't work along with counterarguments. 

His efforts are admirable, but Jane straight up tells him the kiss was bad. Raf cannot accept that considering he's the god of kissing and implies that her head must not have been in the game, which offends Jane. 

The next day, he apologizes and tells her that he's moving out to Petra's for a bit; it's the only way he can move on. 

His plans are thwarted when he receives a letter from Luisa, who checked herself out of the "wellness center" when Anezka told her that Raf and Petra paid Carl and convinced her that she's having hallucinations. In reality, we know that was actually what Anezka and Madga did.

Rafael pays Petra a visit and demands to know the truth. "How long did you keep my sister locked up," he asks her to which she replies "one week." 

So now, Petra has lost all of her friends and Raf doesn't have a place to live. 

This, however, makes him realize that he doesn't want his son to become a liar. He buys a small studio apartment in the district so that Mateo can attend kindergarten legally. 

Jane is definitely pleased with Rafael's mature decision and even offers to help him decorate. 

On their last night living together, Jane suggests that Raf kiss her again. Rafael leans in, looks Jane in the eyes and whispers into her ear, telling her to think about what he would do after the kiss. 

He then slyly whispers a few suggestions into her ear, which really peak Jane's interest. 

Suddenly, these two are wrapped in each other's arms, passionately making out. The narrator even compares the moment to a real-life telenovela. 

Maybe Alba was right after all — maybe this is fate?

As luck would have it, Mateo waltzes into the room and excitedly exclaims "you kissed!" before asking if that means they are getting married. 

Oh boy, straight out of a telenovela, am I right?

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Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

Rafael: Do you have a lawyer?
Petra: No, I don't need one. Like I said, it was self-defense.
Rafael: Yeah, I knew a lot of guy in prison who said that too. Just get a lawyer and a good one too.

Rafael: Look, I told your grandma it was the greatest kiss of my life.
Jane: You spoke to my Abuela about this?
Rafael: She's my friend, I like her.
Jane: Well then maybe you should kiss her!