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On Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 5, Adam revealed something from his past that made Jane question the relationship. 

Lina is in town with her soon-to-be-husband for her bachelorette party, which much to Jane's surprise, is a murder mystery dinner. 

When Danny meets Adam, he realizes they know each other through mutual friends. That mutual friend being Adam's ex-boyfriend.

"Boyfriend," Jane asks surprised. 

Yes -- Adam is bi-sexual, which Jane admits she doesn't have a problem with. 

Except she can't shake the thoughts. She's conflicted and curious and has so many questions, specifically, why Adam didn't tell her sooner. 

He explains that his admission has ruined relationships before. 

As she tries to figure out her feelings, she's also tasked with getting to know Danny and helping Lina figure out if she's doing the right thing by getting married. 

Lina has always been the free spirit so it's understandable that she's having cold feet but it is also blatantly obvious that Danny is kind of a "bore."

Xo tells Jane not to get in the middle of it because regardless of what she says, Lina will find some fault with it. 

Unfortunately, staying out of it isn't Jane's forte and she eventually tells Danny that she told Lina she had some doubts about their relationship as he revealed that he had a surprise for Lina after the murder mystery that would be more up her alley. 

The end result: Jane and Lina having a heart-to-heart in the Marbella bathroom just like old days. 

Jane tells Lina that even though she never imagined herself getting married to someone like Danny, you can't help who you fall in love with. 

Lina then tells her to follow her own advice. With the bi-sexual thing still on her mind, Jane leans in to kiss Lina, who is stunned and flattered.

That night, Jane goes to have a chat with Adam and he promises to answer any questions she may have about his sexuality, which eases her nerves and makes her a bit more comfortable.

Meanwhile, Xo is trying to convince Rogelio to have a vasectomy so that they can have sex without any worries. 

She takes Abuela's advice and tries to seduce him into making the decision.

He wants to do this for her but has his doubts because he doesn't want his fears of becoming an old man to become reality.

Rafael thankfully survived Katherine's hit and run attack. 

Petra is by his side at the hospital where he tells everyone it was an accident. 

When Luisa finds out his plan, she kicks him out of her hotel again. 

The Villanueva women welcome him back with open arms and Jane even tries to be a little less judgemental. 

When Luisa tells him he's just like his father, hungry for money and power, Rafael decides to give this whole thing up. 

That's when Petra brings him up to speed on Luisa; she's been chatting up her imaginary friend "Carl."

Rafael recalls one of Luisa's nervous breakdowns while doing her medical school residency when she went into psychosis and hallucinated someone named Carla. 

Since family always shows up, he goes to tell her that she's going through something again but she doesn't want to believe him. 

She calls Anezka and asks her if she can see Carl but Petra's evil twin tells her she cannot. 

Luisa knows she cannot go down this path again so she commits herself to the mental hospital.

Before she leaves, she gives Raf all of his shares back. But just when you think there's a happy ending, the lawyer tells him that since Luisa isn't in the right frame of mind, all of her shares will actually go to Anezka, whom she designated in case of emergencies a few weeks ago. 

The twist comes at the end when it is revealed that Carl is a real person hired by Magda and Anezka to convince Luisa she's going crazy so that they could become the rightful owners of the Marbella.

Now, the hotel is really a "family business."

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