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Jane the Virgin goes into a time warp once again but this time, there's a happy ending.

Jane doubles up as a secret agent, finding new ways to hook up with new BF Adam without her son Mateo finding out. 

Very specific door knock sequences are part of their secret mission. 

Their cover is blown when Mateo forgets something at home and waltzes back in thinking someone is "attacking" his mommy. 

Jane tries her best to explain the situation but Mateo has made up his mind - if daddy (Rafael) hates his mom's new BF, so does he. 

Aside from Mateo's approval, Jane also wants Raf to get along with her new man. He's hesitant at first but as time goes by, he eventually takes Jane up on her offer and goes to a baseball game.

It's then that Raf realizes Adam's a really good guy and cares about Mateo. 

Mateo and Adam start getting along when he finally tells his mom's new squeeze that he can't die like Michael did. 

Panic ensues. 

Adam also designed the cover of Jane's book after several failed attempts from other designers.

Rafael was dealing with his hook up Katherine, who seemed to be more serious about him than he was about her. 

Obviously, he was simply sleeping with her until he got his hotel back. 

In order to persuade her, he needed to prove how serious he was about the relationship and introduced her to his three children. 

Petra dealt with the aftermath of Magda's arrival. 

After realizing that both Magda and Anezka weren't going to leave anytime soon, she found a loophole to send them packing. 

Magda overheard Katherine's plan to buy the hotel and hire Raf to run it and she promised not to say anything to Luisa if both her and Anezka got a cut.

Petra agreed under one condition: they would move back to the Czech Republic for good.

Rogelio was furious with Esteban, his enemy who swooped in to steal his lady. 

Things only got worse when Darci relationship was too affectionate and she voted to have a home birth at Rogelio's house with Esteban present. 

Ro felt like he was going to be let out of this child's life and finally, during the birth, made it a point to be there for both the baby mama and his newborn girl.

Jane has a baby sister! 

The miracle of childbirth even made Esteban and Ro hate each other less so everyone wins. 


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