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On Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 2 Adam gets a job offer that makes Jane question whether this will go long term.

A part of Jane really enjoys that she can be her fun, young self around him, but she's unsure what that means about their future. 

She turns to Darcy's quizzes to find an answer but realizes she has to handle this like an adult. 

While playing roofball, she fractures her leg. 

She tells Adam that he should take the job because he doesn't fit into her life; he's a fantasy and she needs a reality for Mateo. 

Adam tells her that he understands that she's a mom and is accepting of it. 

Rafael and Petra try a mature approach to their relationship. 

They find themselves at a crossroads when both of their potential hotel investors are people who have a romantic interest in them. 

Eventually, Petra breaks up with Rafael. There is so much baggage between them and she needs a fresh start romantically. 

Anezka, her evil twin sister, is working with Rafael's sister Luisa to convince Petra to sell her shares of the Marbella. 

She hopes a visit from Magda will be enough to persuade her. 

Xo and Rogelio deal with a needy Darcy, who is on bed rest for the remainder of her pregnancy. 

On set of the telenovela, Rogelio and Fabian force producers to kill one of their characters off. 

The focus group saves Rogelio but he's horrified to learn his new co-star is his mortal enemy, Esteban. 

The series announces that one character will die. 

Will it be Anezka, Petra, Magda, Luisa, Alba or Rafael?

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