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Jane and Rafael decide it's time to tell everyone about their relationship, but jokes on them because the adults already knew. 

In fact, they had a running bet based on when they would finally come clean. Alba took the gold on that one. 

Mateo was the most excited and described the feeling as if his heart was glowing. I wonder where he got that from?

The recent lovebirds were the most anxious about breaking the news to Petra, but she scoffed in their faces because she had more important things on her mind like a murder investigation. And also, she didn't care because she was crushing on her lawyer, J.R.

Speaking of J.R, she's willing to help Petra fight for her innocence but when she reveals her exceptionally long list of suspects, she realizes it's not going to be an easy feat. 

Petra doesn't believe J.R, so she pretends to be the blackmailer to test her loyalty. 

J.R shows up at the meeting expecting to find out the identity of the person who wants to frame her but is shocked to see Petra.

J.R realizes the blackmailer has been following her and locks lips with Petra, who actually enjoys the kiss and even slips her a little tongue. 

J.R tells the blackmailer that she had to seduce Petra in hopes of having her talk so the two must keep up a "fake relationship."

However, J.R has picked up on Petra's obvious feelings and shuts it down by telling her she doesn't want to be a guinea pig.

Petra assures her that she's been with several women before and the two hook-up. 

The next morning, Petra comes clean about this being her first experience with a lady, but J.R already knew that. 

And the breakfast-in-bed really makes things awkward between them. 

Is J.R compromised?

After losing Petra's novel and not getting a job at the school because of Mr. Chavez, Jane tries to find inspiration for her second novel. 

Unfortunately, she just can't get a terrible review by a romance critic out of her head. 

It becomes such a problem, she unleashes her own inner critic, who basically thinks Jane was an opportunist who exploited her life story for a novel. 

Jane turns to Rogelio for some advice and he reveals a secret folder with a terrible review, which he reframed as "motivation."

He encourages Jane to get out of her own head and get her juices flowing by checking out an improv class.

He calls it, "reclaiming your creative self."

Like most people, Jane is terrified of class and bombs her first improv sketch.

She tells Rafael she isn't going back there but he uses her own advice against her — no quitting in this family.

Jane tries to shadow different people to create a profile for her next improv class but eventually decides to just mimic her inner critic. 

No one in the class thinks its funny but the inner critic is pleased. And we agree Jane should win an Oscar for that performance. 

Rogelio has been having some problems of his own with Xo, who was going through an existential crisis. 

She was upset that Rogelio only cared about himself and his American telenovela. 

When he tries to surprise her with a romantic date, he finds out she's been lying about her shifts at work. 

He tracks her to Brad's house where he assumes she's cheating and puts the guy in a chokehold. As Xo screams at Rogelio that she's practicing for a dance competition, Brad's boyfriend runs out and demands he let him go. 

Rogelio tries to be super supportive of Xo and Brad's practice but his personality is so extra, Ro flips out on him and calls him suffocating. 

When he goes for a walk to clear his head, his inner critic comes out and he realizes she's right, he's too much. 

They apologize to each other and Xo realizes this is what she needed to find her love of dance again. 

The next day at the competition, Rogelio, Abuela and Jane are cheering her on when Brad drops her to the floor. 

At the hospital, the doctor tells her she has some broken ribs, which will heal, but they also found a lump on her breast. 

Everyone's hearts sink to the floor as they realize Xo might have cancer. 

Meanwhile, Rafael has been awfully happy ever since he began dating Jane. He tells her its as if everything has fallen into place but Jane expresses her concerns about not wanting to move too fast because she doesn't want her love story with Michael to be just a "stepping stone" on her journey to him. 

Raf assures her that what she had with Michael was special and he hopes they can now have their own love story. Yes, Rafael! 

Things aren't as blissful in his search for his birth mother. His birth records arrive and he believes he's found his mother but when he messages her on social media, she reveals that she was a nurse at the hospital and put her name down because Rafael's mother was scared her family would find out and punish her. 

Tenacious in his goal, Raf reaches out to the orphanage but they reveal they sold his records to Luisa. 

Why wouldn't she want her brother to find his mother? 

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Jane the Virgin Season 4 Episode 12 Quotes

I don't know his name, I call him parrot guy. That's also why he's on the list.


Yes, you and Michael had a beautiful love story and now I hope that we can have our own.