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Jane agrees to go to Montana with Michael to figure out their relationship. 

Initially, she's excited about the trip, but after hours of traveling, missing busses, and arriving at a house void of furniture and in an area with absolutely no cell service, Jane begins to think she made a mistake. 

However, her mood changes after a night's rest when she wakes up to Michael handing her a cup of coffee as they take in the beautiful Montana mountains. 

They gear up to do some of Michael's work for the day as the whole trip is about getting to know his world. 

The day ends with a cow manure fight in the stables. 

That evening, Michael takes "his wife" to meet the boys including Michael's ranch bestie, Keith.

The boys are blown away after finding out that the man they thought was Jason is actually a detective from Miami who suffered amnesia. 

Michael's boss isn't a fan of any ladies staying on the ranch and gives Michael an ultimatum -- he has 48 hours to decide if he's staying or leaving. 

Michael doesn't tell Jane any of this, but she eventually finds out from Keith. 

She tries to imagine her life in Montana, but everytime she pictures being with Michael, the vision is crashed by Rafael. 

Michael suggests dating long-distance, but again, Jane can't see herself living that kind of lifestyle and her brain immediately goes to Rafael.

As they are heading out to do their chores,  Michael's bull runs away to a rival ranch where Charlie, his arch nemesis, runs things. 

Michael tells Jane he can't go on the property because of a spat so Jane learns to lasso so that she can do it for him. 

While on the property, she meets Charlie and is surprised to see she's a young woman. 

Charlie accusess Michael of being a thief who stole her chickens, but Jane comes to his defense and says he's the best guy she's ever known. 

Since it's too dark to return home, they end up camping outside. 

The two share a kiss before drifting off into a sleep. 

Michael admits that he still feels a connection and doesn't want to stay in Montana without her. 

However, being disconnected from the real world allows Jane to finally listen to her heart, and her heart is telling her she needs to be with Rafael. 

This whole time, she thought she was simply feeling guilty about hurting Rafael but it was her heart telling her who she really loved. 

She tells Michael that although they were once married, after he died, she moved on and fell in love with Raf. 

He's her soulmate now. 

Michael thanks Jane for giving him his life back as he leaves her at the bus stop and drives back home to Montana. 

Jane's journey back home was long because she knew exactly what she wanted and what she had to do. 

Rafael is surprised to see her on his doorstep, but Jane tells him that she figured out that she wants to be with him. 

"It's too late," he tells her before adding that he doesn't trust her anymore and he can't go back to the way things used to be. 

Jane assures Xo and Alba that she's just fine after Raf's rejection because she's sure of her feelings and knows things between them aren't over. 

She promises to fight to win him back. 



Jane the Virgin
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