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In a shocking turn of events, Jason has developed what seems to be a crush on Jane. 

Despite asking Jason for a divorce, he has decided to court Jane and see if there's still a spark between them like there used to be between her and Michael. 

Rafael's not having it, and neither is Jane for that matter.

She wants the divorce so that she no longer has to be married to a stranger. 

Jason promises to deliver on his promise under one condition -- she goes on one date with him. 

After Jane's attempts to just get coffee with him fall on deaf ears, the two end up going fishing. 

Jane wants to get it over with, but in order for that to happen, she has to successfully catch a fish. 

Jason cuddles up close to Jane and tries to show her the proper fishing technique when something catches onto her line. 

In all her excitement, she stands up and they both fall into the water. 

But she caught a fish and was officially "off the hook."

Despite asking Jason to stay out of site, Mateo spotted him at the Marbella and freaked out because Michael came back from the dead. 

Jane had to explain it to Mateo who worried that she would return to Michael and forget about him and daddy. 

Jane and Petra also dealt with a little tension between the twins and Mateo.

Mateo was feeling left out, which is a feeling Petra shared after not being clued into any of Jane's Jason drama. 

As they tried to resolve their issues with a talking stick, they ended up having a heart-to-heart about how they think of each other as sisters. 

Jane confided in Petra about her Jason-Michael dilemma admitting that she didn't feel anything during their 'date.'

Surprisingly, Petra told her to preserve what she had with Rafael and think of her family first and foremost. 

Jane returned the favor by suggesting Petra accidentally butt-dial JR. If she responds, Petra's in. If she doesn't, she needs to move on. 

JR did respond. 

After her chat with Petra, Jane finally knew what she had to do. She visited Jason and asked him if he would make good on his offer to leave her life. 

Jason apologized for being so pushy and admitted that he thought maybe he found his way back to something special. 

But alas, she wasn't it and he already booked a ticket back to Montana. 

Jane and Rafael spent the night together looking forward to their new chapter. They even discussed the possibility of having more kids through adoption. 

The next day, Jason stopped by the Villaneuva household to say goodbye before departing back to Montana. 

He thanked her for all the time she spent trying to help him remember and lamented about what a lucky guy he must have been to score a girl like her. 

And he even gifted her a fishing rod which she gave back to him because she'd never use it. 

The two shared a big bear hug, and when Jason was leaving, he hit the ceiling with his fishing rod. 

Pieces of the drywall began falling above him like snowflakes, which triggered his memories. 

Is Michael back? And what does this mean for Jane and Rafael?

Over on the set of Passions of Steve and Brenda, things were hostile after Rogelio learned that he and River weren't getting paid the same. 

When Xo told Rogelio about the equal pay movement benefitting women, he wanted to adopt it to his situation which would dimish the movement. 

River told him she was proud to be a well-paid female in such a sexist industry, but Rogelio still didn't accept it. 

In his fury, he attempted to kick a box and kicked River's face instead. Yes, this would be the third injury he's caused her. 

Like a true professional, River went on with the show filming only her left side of her face, the one that wasn't paralyzed. 

Rogelio eventually told Xiomara that he felt cheated because pay parity affects people of color as well. 

The telenovela was his brainchild, his culture, yet he was being underpaid because he was less of a name in the American market. 

Xo told River about the situation and despite her paralysis, she negotiated an equal rate for Rogelio.  

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 3 Quotes

Rogelio: It's just, yes, River clearly deserves to get paid what she's getting, but so do I. This is my project. I fought four years to get it made. It's my telenovela, my culture, my story I'm bringing to the screen. Yet somehow, with all of that, I'm only worth half as much as her. It's not right.
Xo: You're right, it's not.
Rogelio: I did some research, and pay parity affects people of color too. So this, plus everything that's going on in this country ... it's always been my dream to be famous in America, but I'm starting to wonder why am I so desperate for validation from a country doesn't seem to value or accept me.

Ahhhhhh, mommy! Michael came back from the dead.