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Jane celebrated the big 3-0, but it didn’t go down the way she expected it too.

Before Michael returned to life, Jane had a huge party planned with Rafael, Mateo, and a real-life unicorn by her side.

But by the time the big day rolled around, things were completely different.

Both Rafael and Mateo hated her for breaking up the family after Michael returned and got his memories back.

Jane tried her hardest to convince her family that she didn’t want to attend the party but her pleas fell on deaf ears.

And when it was time to attend the party, she couldn’t bring herself to go inside.

Xiomara, Alba and Petra went after their runaway girl to check on her and found her once again torn between Rafael and Michael.

Xo pointed out that Jane was trying really hard to win back Rafael’s love, but all of her latest napkin writing focused on Michael and her unexplored feelings for him.

In that moment, Jane realized what she needed to do.

She told Rafael that she is confused about her feelings and that it wasn’t fair to ask him to stick around while she figured them out.

Rafael agreed, but it still hurt considering he was going to profess his love yet again.

After Jane “broke up” with him, Rafael popped some pills and chased them with alcohol, a sign that he may be reverting to darker days.

The fact that Mateo was isolating himself and resenting Jane with Rafael’s encouragement was adding more layers of stress.

When she picked him up from school, he ran away from her and told people that she was a stranger.

While things didn’t work out between Raf and Jane, at least he realized that they had to co-parent which meant he had to put his personal feelings aside, stop undermining her and giving Mateo a pass for his terrible behavior.

Meanwhile, Rogelio was feeling hurt because his daughter, Baby, favored Esteban over him.

Darci claimed it was because she was spending way more time with Esteban, which Rogelio wasn’t a fan of. Esteban is his nemesis after all.

In order to get Esteban as far away from his daughter, Rogelio called in some favors and got him a job on a telenovela in Mexico.

When Esteban accepted the offer, he broke up with Darci, which wasn’t what Rogelio wanted at all.

Eventually, he brought Esteban and Darci back together and promised to never to meddle in their relationship again.

Petra and JR were working on their relationship and realized it's a lot harder than they thought it would be because of JR’s trust issues.

The moment JR saw an email exchange between Petra and Milos, she automatically assumed that Petra was lying to her instead of believing Petra when she said she was framed.

Petra vowed to change JR’s mind and show her that she can be trusted. 

Will it work?

Jane the Virgin
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