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Jane the Virgin’s final season picks up with the jaw-dropping reveal that Michael is alive.

And for those wondering if it was really Michael, it is! 

Rafael informs Jane that Sin Rostro kidnapped Michael during his test by using a toxin to stop his heart and then having her EMT’s swoop him away. 

She then electroshocked him until his memory was completely erased. 

For the past four years, he’s gone by the name Jason and lived in Montana with his horse. 

Michael doesn’t remember Jane or anyone for that matter, but he’s open to finding out who he used to be. 

News about Michael’s return spreads like wildfire and everyone is in disbelief.

His mother comes to town and they take him to the doctor to see if there's any chance of Michael regaining his memory. 

The doctor runs some tests and inform the family that there’s no way of telling when or how Michael’s memories will return since the “brain isn’t an exact science.”

Michael's mother turns to Jane for help showing him around familiar places because she's still his wife. Or is she? The law is unclear when it comes to husband's who have returned from the dead. 

Given that Jane was about to get engaged to Rafael the day she found out that Michael is alive, her family is understandably worried about her when she has an emotional breakdown. 

But Jane buckles up and tries to help Michael remember.

Sadly, none of it goes as planned.

She starts the Michael tour at her house where they first met, takes him to the food truck for his favorite Cubano, and takes him to the Ferris Wheel where they went before his death, but nothing triggers Michael’s memory. 

In fact, Jason is nothing like Michael. He doesn’t like Cubanos, he thinks Jane talks too much and he’s totally smitten with Petra.

Michael and Jane agree that the best course of action is to show him some photos and videos to possibly jog his memory. 

As Jane is pulling them together, she breaks down to Xo about feeling erased from Michael's life. Xo consoles her by telling her that there’s no right or way to deal with this. 

Michael comes around later to apologize to Jane for being so cold with her. He explains that he's frustrated because he assumed his memories would flood back as they did in the movies. 

He also realizes that he’s completely blown up her life with his return and understands if Jane doesn't want to help. 

As she sits down to write the rest of her novel, she reminisces on her history with Michael.

We see flashbacks of their first meeting, their wedding, the moment Jane finds out Michael died, and a glimpse of the funeral where she could barely read her speech and Rafael stepped in to help. 

At that moment, Jane realizes how much she loves and appreciates Rafael. 

Bringing back Michael despite knowing that it would cause a rift between them was selfless as was being there for her for the four years since Michael’s death. 

Jane rushes to Rafael's workplace to tell him that she doesn’t want to put off moving in together anymore; she loves him, she wants to be with him, and there will never be a perfect time to move in. 

Rafael is relieved and considering he cried on Xo’s shoulder about how scared he was, we know he's been worrying about losing Jane. 

Unfortunately, the narrator doesn’t seem to conivnced that Jane and Raf’s relationship is in the clear just yet. 

They may want things to go back to normal, but life never goes the way we want it to.

Luisa realizes Rose will only explain why she gave Michael amnesia if she agrees to meet with her.

Since Rafael didn't ask for her help, she offers to get it done.

While it's uncertain what Rose's motivations were, she's up to something menacing in prison as she's playing the “Charlie” to her angels and preparing them for something big. 

Meanwhile, it’s revealed that Petra’s mystery assailaint was Milos, her ex-husband. 

Milos admits that he manipulated Luisa into selling him her Marbella shares so now he is now a ⅔ owner. 

Petra threatens to call the police but considers Milos' offer to trade the shares for his freedom. 

JR is disappointed that Petra would even consider it, and as the two lovebirds bicker, Milos escapes.

Petra later finds him hiding in a teddy bear in the twins’ room. 

Milos tells Petra his wound is getting infected and offers to trade the shares for some antibiotic. 

Petra agrees and as he’s signing over the shares in blood, the police bust through the door. 

She also informs him that her sexuality isn't the reason they didn't work out, she just wasn't into his craziness. 

Later, JR drops by to get some of her things. Petra uses her visit as an opportunity to smooth things over between them. 

JR tells Petra she can’t just forget the past even though she knows Petra loves her. 

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