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Jane and Rafael are planning their wedding, but in true Jane the Virgin fashion, it isn't without any hiccups. 

As Jane makes a list of things that need to be done, finding an officiant is on the top of that list. 

She suggests a Unitarian minister -- one that believes in all religions -- and Raf is on-board. 

But when Petra offers Rafael his job back at the hotel, he suddenly gets swamped with work and isn't able to make it to the meeting. 

The minister questions Rafael's commitment to the family, which irritates Jane considering she knows how much Rafael has changed since they met and how much he's given up for her family. 

She tells Rafael that the "wasn't a good fit," but when Raf tries to make things right by apologizing to the minister, he finds out that Jane chewed him out. 

Jane's best friend, Lina, also comes into town to help Jane find the perfect wedding dress. 

While they're shopping, Lina breaks down and asks Jane if she'd donate her eggs to help her start a family. 

Jane is shocked mainly because she didn't know Lina and Danny were trying let alone having fertility issues. 

Rafael, Xiomara, and Abuela all support whatever decision she makes, but assure her that they don't think she should do it because of her attachment issues. 

As Jane considers it, she comes up with a list of questions for Lina that reveal she's going to have a problem letting this baby go. 

Mateo overhears Jane and Raf talking about "the baby" and tells his whole class that his mom is pregnant. 

Jane's forced to explain her situation to Mateo, which helps her realize that she needs to help her best friend out. 

When she tells Lina that she's in, Lina tells her she longer wants her eggs. 

Lina doesn't want to ruin her friendship with Jane, plus, she realized that she's always trying to live up to Jane's standards and doesn't want to feel that way around her own child. 

This gets Jane thinking about adopting a child of her own with Rafael, but he explains that he changed his mind about having more kids. Three is enough. 

Jane assures him it isn't a dealbreaker -- nothing will stand in the way of their wedding. 

The narrator then assures us that "one of them" will eventually change their mind on the "having kids" situation. 

Rogelio is live-streaming his life 24/7 to his fandom in hopes of building buzz around 'This is Mars' so that the network picks up the pilot. 

It's annoying everyone in the household, including Xo. 

As their laying in bed, Xo puts her head on Rogelio's chest and tells him he has an irregular heartbeat. 

He doesn't believe her since she also thought Alba had a weird mole and it turned out to be nothing. 

Later on during his live-stream, Rogelio clutches his chest and falls over. 

He's rushed to the hospital where the doctors assess that his heart problems are a result of stress. 

It's easier said than done since Rogelio really wants to realize his dream of becoming an American TV star. 

As he awaits the verdict from the network, Xiomara finds out that she got into nursing school! 

Meanwhile, Petra and Rafael work out some boundaries when it comes to working together. 

Lines were crossed, but Rafael knows that Petra is the boss now. 

As Petra gets into her car to go, she's ambushed by her mother, Magda, who wants some of Petra's hotel shares. 

Petra is so startled that we hear her car crash as the screen fades to black.


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Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 14 Quotes

Since this is my second wedding, I was thinking I could go a little non-traditional. But not too non-traditional, I don't want to scare my Abuela.


Apparently, I'm the problem. Something's not working. Anyway, turns out, I could have been way sluttier in high school.