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Jane is thrilled when Rogelio informs her that the studio wants her to pen the pilot of the telenovela.

But with her novel on a deadline, Jane finds herself struggling to balance the script with her novel.

She teams up with Dina, Rogelio's former Passions of Santos writer, who refuses to work directly with Rogelio because of how badly he treated her. 

She also meets up with her editor and mentor, Marlene, who is awfully giddy thanks to her new lover, Jill. She tells Jane she loves the pages she's written and wants Jill to read them. 

On top of struggling to give both projects the love they deserve, Mateo's teacher informs Jane and Rafael that she believes Mateo needs to get tested for a possible learning disability. 

Rafael immediately shoots down the idea, but Jane goes over his head and books the doctor's appointment.

Later, Rafael has a chat with Petra and realizes that maybe getting Mateo tested wouldn't be so bad after all. 

When he tells Jane he'll make the appointment, he realizes she already did it. 

After they drop off Mateo at the doctor's office, Raf tells Jane he's involving the lawyers to change the custody agreement. 

Jane rushes after him and a slow-speed chase ensues on the highway as Raf rushes to get to his house showing and Jane trails behind him.

On his way, Raf gets into a fender-bender and Jane offers to stall the buyers at the house. 

Jane finds herself struggling to make the sale, but Raf arrives in time to assure them the million dollar property is worth it. 

Both of them apologize to each other with Jane admitting that she was in the wrong and Raf admitting that he was scared. 

They agree that regardless of the diagnosis, they will work together to ensure Mateo has all the support he needs. 

At the doctor's office, they are informed that Mateo has ADHD. Jane takes the news harder than Rafael who reminds her of her own advice. 

Rogelio realizes Jane's heart isn't in the telenovela script and tells her that he won't be disappointed if she backs out. 

The telenovela is his passion project and he needs someone who will give it 110%. 

He then comes up with a fool-proof plan to convince Dina that he's a changed man. 

He brings in Darci, Xo and River Fields, all women who he's treated pretty badly but who can attest that he's trying his best. 

Dina is still on the fence, but Rogelio gives her a contract and says that the women will hold him accountable. 

Dina agrees to pen the script. 

Meanwhile, Luisa confronts Rose about the falsified documents that Dennis found. 

Rose informs Luisa that she did, in fact, sign the papers while she was drunk. All of Rose's assets have been transferred over to Luisa.

She encouraged Luisa to join her again, but Luisa refuses. 

She calls Rafael to explain the mix-up assuring him that she's no longer in cahoots with Rose, but he brushes her off and orders her to stay away from his family. 

In a moment of weakness, Luisa goes across the hall to Bobby and tells him that she's in.

"What does Rose need me to do?" she asks him.

Petra is supportive of JR's job interview in Houston. Although she's scared of losing her, she doesn't want to stand in the way of JR's happiness. 

JR returns home with some exciting news: she got the job in Houston and another gig in Florida. 

Petra admits that she pulled some strings to get her the gig in Florida so she could stay closer to home, but JR doesn't like that Petra meddled in her career again. 

JR informs Petra that during her short time away, she realized that she needed a fresh start. 

Petra assumes she means JR is taking the gig in Houston and opting for a long-distance relationship, but jR breaks up with her completely admitting that whenever she looks at Petra, she's reminded of all their baggage. 

Petra comes to Jane's house crying. The break-up feels like her heart has been ripped into a million pieces.

She also reveals an engagement ring that she was planning to give JR. 

Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

End of story. Well, you know what, I'm the writer. I'll end the story.


Rafael: Flowers are not going to make me forgive you, Luisa. Your signature was all over Rose's bank accounts.
Luisa: The woman can forge faces, I'm sure she can forge a signature.