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Everyone is learning to adjust to their new normal on Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 11. 

Jorge has become the man of the house, Petra is learning to live without JR and Jane and Raf are learning to manage Mateo's diagnosis. 

Jorge and Alba return from their honeymoon and begin re-jorgenizing the house to accommodate all of his belongings. 

Seeing as Jane has never lived with another man before, she finds the change to be a little jarring but tries to make the best of it. As Alba gets rid of her furniture, all of it begins piling up in Jane's room to the point where it looks like an episode of Hoarders. 

Jane and Rafael may have struggled with communication just last week, but they are both on the same page when it comes to Mateo's ADHD treatments. Neither of them wants to give into a lifelong treatment on medication so they opt to try behavioral therapy instead.

That comes with a long laundry list of decisions to establish healthy patterns: cutting out sugar, getting exercise into his morning routine, and logging everything in a handy dandy notebook.

The episode then jumps three-weeks into the future. 

Mateo is still having meltdowns mainly over not being allowed to eat cake at a birthday party. 

Jorge has fully taken over the Villaneuva space and his bad behaviors like not cleaning up after himself and watching TV in his recliner after work are setting a bad example for Mateo. 

Jane believes Jorge made himself too comfortable and when she sees Alba cater to his every need, she reminds her that they aren't in the 1950s and she doesn't have to wait on her husband anymore. 

Later, she suggest that maybe Jorge practice better household manners in order to set a good example for Mateo. 

Jorge agrees, but then turns around and tattles to Alba who is furious with Jane for meddling in her marriage. 

Jane is forced to apologize to Jorge for being out of line, but when she does, he begins making demands. He wants her to spend less time in the bathroom in the morning and hopes she can be quieter when coming home from work after 9 pm since he and Alba are both light sleepers.

When Mateo has his next meltdown at Rafael's place, Jane breaks down and says she cannot continue this lifestyle anymore.

Rafael agrees that it's pointless since the schedule is not sustainable and they agree to loosen the reigns so that Mateo can enjoy his childhood.

Jane also inquiries about Rafael's "hot date," but he informs he'll tell her when there's something to know. 

Xo is anxiously waiting for her PET scan results.

When she finds out that she's cancer-free, she feels a weight lifted off of her shoulders. 

However, Rogelio informs her that River Fields kissed him on-set. Understandably, Xo goes into rage mode.

Xo attends filming the next day and witnesses Rogelio gently turn down River's advances. 

River seems to understand that they are going to keep things professional, but the fact that they're filming a sex scene right after isn't helpful. 

Rogelio and River passionately lock lips as Xo watches on reminding herself that this is his job. 

Things take a bad turn when the director yells 'CUT' yet River continues to make out with Rogelio. 

Xo lunges at River, the man stealing hussy, and they topple over into the manmade Martian Lake. 

When Rogelio pulls them apart, he tells Xiomara to go to his dressing room to "cool down."

He explains that this is his place of employment and she cannot be acting in such a manner. 

River arrives and offers a heartfelt apology claiming she didn't hear the director end the scene. 

She promises that it won't ever happen again, but once Xo leaves the studio, River once again lunges at Rogelio.

He pushes her away clearly confused by her advances but River is proud of herself for coming up with a brilliant cover story.

At this point, Rogelio is forced to be very direct with River that there's absolutely no chance that anything is going to happen between them. 

River is furious and is later seen ripping off flower petals in a terrifying "He loves me not, he'll pay" chant. Things are going to get very messy for Rogelio. 

Rogelio informs Xo that she was right about River but still bans her from coming to set. He tells her she has to get over her jealousy and insecurities which upsets Xiomara. 

But before she can get too mad, she realizes that feeling jealous and insecure is normal because it means that their lives are returning to how they were pre-cancer. 

It's such a joyous moment that Xo and Ro even get their groove back if you know what I'm saying. 

Jane's also been helping Petra move on from her devastating break-up with JR. 

Petra tries to pretend like everything is okay but three weeks later, she's still carrying all the baggage with her. 

Jane suggests giving back the three-carat ring and Petra immediately feels better. 

But when Jane realizes that Petra is still adamant about doing a costly remodel of the Marbella simply to erase Jr from her mind, she uses what she learned with Mateo's behavioral therapy and applies it to this situation. 

They go on a run alongside the beach and Petra realizes it's time for a fresh start because sometimes, happily ever after isn't meant to be. 

This also helps Jane realize that she's the heroine in her story and she doesn't need a man to move on. 

She's been living in her Abuela's house in hopes that she and Rafael would get back together and continue on with their plans. 

But now that he has a date, he's clearly moving on. 

After her with Petra, Jane tells Alba she's moving. 

Alba is worried Jane feels like she's being pushed out but Jane assures her it's time she goes on her own. 

Jane also apologizes for criticizing Alba's marriage after seeing how happy Jorge makes Alba and all the things he does to make her feel special. 

With a clear head and absolutely no good temp assistant in sight, Petra calls Krishna, her former assistant whose life she ruined, and begs her to come back. Krishna agrees under one condition: triple the salary. 

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Jane the Virgin Season 5 Episode 11 Quotes

How long is this going to last? I'm so sick of crying. I feel like a Villaneuva.


Petra: Wow. Just handing over that ring makes me feel like a weight has been lifted.
Latin Narrator: Well, it was a three-carat diamond.