On Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 22, Jane and Michael's wedding has finally arrived, but Rafael considers telling Jane he loves her. Meanwhile, someone makes an unexpected return.

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When you watch Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 22, you'll see Jane and Michael tie the knot after Jane makes a last minute change to her thesis. Rafael considers trying to stop the wedding, but decides against it seeing how happy Jane is. After the reception, while Jane gets into some lingerie, Michael runs into Susanna in the hallway. After saying something to her she should know, he figures out she's the mole. Susanna shoots him in the chest. When she goes back to her room with Luisa, she reveals that she's actually Rose and wants Luisa to leave with her. Anezka ends up in the hospital after an accident unable to speak but is conscious. It turns out it's not Anezka, but is actually Petra. Anezka drugged her and is now impersonating Petra. Back at the hotel, Anezka (pretending to be Petra) sleeps with Rafael. Rogelio finds out about Xo and Esteban. After initially being angry, they make their peace. Unfortunately, Xo takes a pregnancy test and it's positive!

Episode Details

On Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 22, Rafael considers telling Jane how he feels on the day of her wedding to Michael.

Rating: 4.2 / 5.0 (45 Votes)
Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Episode 22 Quotes

Why do you have a sex basket from my mortal enemy?


Michael: No seriously, I can't wait.
Jane: For all the sex? Yeah I get that.
Michael: To marry you.