On Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 11, it's three years later and much has changed in Jane's life since Michael's abrupt passing.

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When you watch Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 11, you'll see Jane still trying to move on from Michael's death three years later. She focuses on Mateo's behavioral issues and getting her novel out in the spotlight. Meanwhile, Rafael and Petra come across a gruesome discovery during the reopening of The Marbella. Rogelio and Darci's sham relationship gets the greenlight for another year on their reality show, and Xo is living happily with Bruce.

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On Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 11, a lot has changed three years after Michael's death. Jane and Rafael deal with Mateo's behavioral issues. Meanwhile, Petra gets ready for the reopening of the hotel.

Rating: 3.8 / 5.0 (55 Votes)
Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Free publicity is not worth being named one of Buzzfeed's "Ten Most Notorious Reality Show Villains".


It will always feel different. You'll always feel different, but you will be okay. And your life will be beautiful again. Just in different ways.