On Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 10, Jane and Michael makes plans for the future, while Rafael questions where his future leads. Meanwhile, a shocking death changes everything!

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When you watch Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 10, you'll Jane and Michael support each other as she interviews for a new job and he prepares for the LSAT. They take a walk down memory lane back to when they first started dating. Jane ends up getting the job with Michael's help. After Michael is finished with his test, he ends up collapsing and dying to due to complications from his gunshot wound. Elsewhere in the episode, Rafael decides to go to prison instead of continuing to live in fear of failing his family. Rogelio and Darci's relationship hits a speedbump when his nude scene is cut, but they end up making up and starting a new business venture together. Xo and Bruce become closer and she earns points with his daughter.

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On Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 10, a shocking death changes everything for Jane. Meanwhile, Rafael makes a decision that will impact his loved ones.

Rating: 4.3 / 5.0 (83 Votes)
Jane the Virgin
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