On Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 4, Jane and Michael run into finincial problems, Anezka tries to keep up appearances, and Xo takes a job as a bank teller.

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When you watch Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 4, Jane and Michael find out Petra was covering part of their rent, and decide to tighten their budget so they can keep living there. However, the stress is too great and they decide to look for a smaller place. Anezka tries to keep up her persona as Petra, but finds it hard to keep up with all the information she needs to know. After blackmailing Rafael, Anezka lets a part of herself slip in front Jane. Jane figures out something isn't right. While Rafael does a favor for him Rogelio looks after Luisa. The two of them bond and agree she should go to rehab as a preventative measure. Xo hates her new job as a bank teller and promptly quits. Alba knew the job wasn't right for her, and she also chooses to make a change for herself and gets a job at the hotel gift shop.

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On Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 4, Jane and Michael's hosuing situation takes an unexpected turn. Meanwhile, Anezka struggles to keep up appearances, and Xo gets a new job.

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Jane the Virgin
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Jane the Virgin Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Rogelio: Swoon-worthy looks and endlessly generous. You are a prince among men, Rafael Solano, which is one of the many reasons I consider you to be a very good friend.
Rafael: What do you want, Rogelio?

Jane: And can I just say, you sound so sexy when you talk home decor.
Michael: Oh yeah?
Jane: Mmhmm.
Michael: 'Cause I was thinking about a mirror...
Jane: Stop it.
Michael: In the entry way.
Jane: Keep talking.
Michael: A bowl of lemons on the table for a pop of color.
Jane: Just take off your pants right now.