Jersey Belle Season 1

"The Lake House"

On the season 1 finale of Jersey Belle, the ladies take a trip out to Arden's lake house and shed their inhibitions.

"The Primak Attack"

Jamie's family arrives for Thanksgiving, but Jamie confides in Luci about changes in the adoption plan on Jersey Belle.

"Operation New Jersey"

Arden worries about clashing with Jaime's friends when they plan a trip back to New Jersey on Jersey Belle.

"Southern Fried Birthday"

Danielle and Luci impress Jamie with their Southern hospitality when they join together to throw her a dinner party on Jersey Belle.

"Secrets of the South"

Jaime fails to tell her husband about her plans to adopt a child on Jersey Belle.

"Upton Girl"

Jamie races from Los Angeles to make Arden's wedding - but rain threatens the event on Jersey Belle.

"Wedding Belles"

Arden grows concerned that the rain will ruin her wedding day while Jaime helps Luci handle her break up on Jersey Belle.

"Knish Out of Water"

What happens when publicist Jaime Primak Sullivan moves to Alabama? We start to find out on the Jersey Belle premiere.

Jersey Belle
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