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The girls tend to Snooki after she got punched. The dude who hit her gets arrested. The gang rallies around her.

Things are heating up for Ronnie and Sammi and he decides to introduce her to his family. It goes pretty well.

At a bar, some girls are heckling Jenni and Snooki. When one of them calls Snooki fat, Jenni WOWWs-out and throws her drink on one of the hecklers. The fight is on.

Mike spends an entire day calling up about a half dozen girls to come over to the house. This is pretty much what he does. The girls are nice, though, and don't want to be treated like whores. He and Pauly are cool with that.

Pauly D actually books a gig at a local nightclub and the house goes to support him. While there, Vinny ends up hooking up with some girl he refers to as a cougar.

Vinny's cougar is apparently dating Danny, the cast's boss and landlord. Oops.

Jersey Shore
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Jersey Shore Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

I think what happened to Snookers brought us closer to Snookers, definitely, 'cuz now we kinda feel bad. She's a real person.

Pauly D

[to JWOWW] I yanked some bitch's hair for you.