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The Situation apologizes to Snooki for fighting with her at the club.

Snooki becomes homesick after saying goodbye to her friend Ryder.

JWOWW puts on her best attire before going out to the club.

The Situation kicks a girl out of his bed after she tells him she doesn't want to hook up.

Vinny enjoys a date on the beach with Ramona.

After a mishap in the kitchen, firefighters inspect the Miami house to make sure nothing is burning.

Sammi gets upset with Ronnie after he makes a comment about her appearance.

JWOWW creates a chart to see how the roommates have indirectly hooked up with each other.

The Situation and Vinny call for help after accidentally getting the car towed.

The Situation and Pauly D hang out with two girls from the club who claimed to be DTF.

Alas, it was not to be.

Jersey Shore
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Jersey Shore Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

[Vinny's] like my big brother, I love him. But usually you don't have sex with your big brother.


The Situation: Don't come over somebody's house at f*ckin' 5am & expect to play checkers.
Non-DTF Girl: I never said anything about checkers, OLD MAN!