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Raylan Givens is given the rookie treatment by his co-workers at the beginning of “Fixer” when he inherits Arnold Pinter, an informant.  

Pinter has left a message for the Lexington County US Marshals Office saying that he knows the location of the fugitive and wants to give him up.  Raylan is sent to visit the informant and is surprised to find that Pinter operates in the open.  The wait staff all seems to know who he is and what he’s doing.  Nevertheless, Pinter’s information is good and the Marshals are able to apprehend the fugitive.

The next day, Raylan goes back to the restaurant to give Pinter is $20,000 reward, but he’s no where to be found.  The waitress who serves Pinter, Samantha, explains that he simply didn’t come in today, but had been around every other day since Raylan first visited him.

Raylan finds Pinter’s absence more than just a coincidence and tries to pay Pinter a visit at his home.  Instead of Pinter, Raylan runs into a gambler Pinter takes bets from, Travis Travers.  The gambler seems a bit anxious as he’s explaining to Raylan that Pinter is not home, he’s house sitting for him and Pinter’s been gone for a week.  Having seen Pinter earlier in the week, Givens knows what Travers is telling him is a lie.  

Meanwhile, Travers has worked out a deal with one of Pinter’s collection guys, Chris Mims, to kidnap Pinter and force him to reveal the location of his getaway stash.  They try to coerce him into giving up the money by threatening physical harm to Samantha, but Pinter sniffs out the lie realizing that she’s in on the scheme to get his money.

There proceedings are interrupted by Givens who’s attempting to pay Travers a visit at his home.  Instead, Raylan runs into Mims and feels like he’s being given the run around again.  This time, he toys with Mims by telling him that he’s just trying to give reward money to Travers to hold for Pinter.  Givens doesn’t have the money on him, but will come back and let Mims hold it for Pinter.

Mims plan is to take the money from Givens and then shoot the Marshall.  However, revealing this information to Travers is a mistake, who then kills Mims while they’re practicing the potential upcoming draw with Givens.  When Raylan arrives, Travers plan is to lure him into the house, distract him and shoot him.

When Givens does return, he again recognizes that something is not right when Travers answers the door instead of Mims.  When he sees Travis go for his gun, he manages to avoid being shot.  This is only temporary, however, as Samantha - sensing things are going sour - releases Pinter who accidentally shoots Raylan as he tries the door where he’s being held.

Fortunately for Raylan, he’s wearing a flak jacket and avoids serious harm.  While recovering from the impact, Givens is able to roll on the floor and shoot and kill Travers before he’s shot again.

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Soon as I get reassigned, I'm gone.


Art Mullen: Raylan, I got a courtesy call from the Harlan County Sheriff's Department - your daddy was arrested.
Raylan: Did he kill anybody?