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This week’s episode of Justified titled “Riverbrook” opens with Raylan visiting the Federal Detention Center in Lexington, KY to see how Boyd Crowder is doing after he shot him in the previous episode.  Though in pain, Boyd is doing well and feels that God intervened, spared his life and has a new purpose for him. 

Raylan’s true purpose for going to the detention center is not to see Boyd, but for a prisoner transport, one of Boyd’s lackeys, Dewey Crowe.  In what proves to be a risky move, Raylan allows Crowe to drive the route to the new prison.  The two argue in the car and Crowe attempts to punch Raylan, but is rebuffed and hit in the nose, again, himself.  Rayland cuffs Crowe to the steering wheel, but lets him finish the trip.

The meat of the episode begins when a fugitive named Douglas Cooper escapes from prison during a work release program playing for “The Big House Boys” band.  What’s confusing about Cooper’s escape is that it comes only three months before he is scheduled to be released after fifteen years in prison. 

However, we quickly learn that his ex-wife, Shirley and her cousin/boyfriend Dupree are trying to find money that Cooper stole and stashed right before his incarceration.  Cooper hears a story on the news that houses in Riverhead, KY are being randomly broken into and the floor boards torn up – exactly where he stashed the money. 

After confronting Shirley and Dupree about what’s been going on in Riverhead, the three agree to team up in order to find the money.  Although Cooper leads them to the house that he believes he left the money in, they do not find anything. 

Cooper presumes that either the owners of the house found the money and it is gone or that the school moved.  While the school didn’t move, Dupree knows that another one has been built since Cooper was last in Riverhead and now knows the location of the money.  No longer in need of Cooper’s services, he shoots the convict in the stomach and leaves him to die in the house.

Having trouble sleeping that same night, Raylan settles in to read the local newspaper and sees a story about floor boards being ripped up in houses in Riverhead.  He’s figured out where Cooper has stored the money and head immediately to try and beat him to the house.  While driving through Riverhead, Raylan almost runs into Cooper, who’s walking through the neighborhood, holding his bloody stomach.

Shirley and Dupree arrive at the house where the money was stored, only to find it is occupied.  Undeterred, the pair burst into the house and holds the resident couple hostage, demanding the money.  They’re dismayed to find out that it has all been spent and try to figure out what to do next.

Raylan and the authorities have been led to the correct house by an injured Cooper and the US Marshal attempts to enter the house as a hostage negotiator.  He manages to convince Dupree to move to a position where he could be targeted by a sniper, but Dupree counters by having Shirley turn the lights off. 

A moment after she does, they come back on and Dupree is taken out by the sniper.  When asked why she did that, Shirley can only snivel that Dupree had “no need to shoot my husband.”

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Justified Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Raylan: If you're going to talk, I'll put you in the trunk and drive myself.
Dewey: I can't drive handcuffed to the damned steering wheel!
Raylan: You'll get the hang of it.

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