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This week’s episode of Justified centers around Raylan’s reluctant reunion with his father, Arlo, and the twists and turns surrounding a scheme Arlo has put together to steal money from an ex-con who rents a house from him.

Raylan is called down to Harlan, Kentucky by his step mom, Helen, after his father breaks into the house he owns and is renting, destroys some property and assaults the renter.  Helen plays the poor card when Raylan questions why she can’t bail Arlo out, so he feels compelled to post bail for his father.  

While Raylan is off at the Harlan jail picking up his father, the renter, Stan Perkins, has stopped by the Givens residence looking for something that he alleges Arlo stole from him.  Stan has brought in reinforcements, too, his two nephews who bruisers and there to intimidate Helen.  Raylan and Arlo return from jail after Stan and his nephews have left and Helen’s story of Stan’s threats has piqued Raylan’s interest in the situation.

Arlo exacts revenge on the nephews for their scare tactics with Helen by assaulting them in a dinner with a bat.  Fortunately for the nephews and Arlo’s police record, he suffers a heart attack, his second in as many years, during the assault before he can do too much damage.  Once again, Raylan is forced to go visit his father, this time in a hospital.

Outside of the hospital, Raylan runs into Helen and questions why she keeps putting up with Arlo’s antics and the subsequent stress it puts her through.  She tells Raylan that “they suffer well together,” but there’s a twinge of questioning in Raylan’s reaction.  Inside the hospital, Raylan suspects that Arlo is trying to pull something on Perkins to get money out of him, but warns his father that he’s in over his head with this guy – he just finished a six year stint in prison.

Raylan gets more information from an old friend, John Carter, who tells him that he’s heard Perkins is moving OxyContin and making money off of that rather than his cover business, remodeling kitchens.  While confronting Perkins at his home, Raylan discovers OxyContin in his closet, but Perkins pleads that the drugs are not his and he’s being set up by Arlo.  Perkins also tells Raylan that he had $75,000 in the closet, but it was gone after Arlo wrecked his home.

Back at the hospital, Raylan confronts his father about his master plan, trying to figure out what Arlo is trying to pull on Perkins.  He confesses to being an idiot thus far, having played into both Arlo and Helen’s hands up until this point, but vows to put his father back in jail after bailing him out as the episode ends.

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Then you're like some drunk looking for his car keys under a lamp because that's where the light is.

Art Mullen

He's probably not a candidate for father of the year. He shot a cop, among other things.

Art Mullen