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Mags and Aunt Helen decide to keep the truce going, while Mags steps down from her family business.  She puts Doyle in charge and gives nothing to Dickie.  Dickie doesn't care what Mags says, and continues working as usual.

Boyd is ready to take back Harlan County and gets his cousin Johnny to help.  They stick up a poker game and get their friend Devil to join them on their crusade.

Art basically tells Raylan that he's done with him.  Raylan takes that and the fact that Winona won't settle down with him as a Marshal, and asks Winona to go to Glencoe with him.  After getting shot at by two thugs, Winona answers "yes."

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Justified Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

What happens now is not with fate, or history, or God, it's with you.

Helen (to Mags)

I thought at one point that maybe someday you and I'd be able to look back at all this and laugh, but shit, I don't think you're gonna live that long. You just go on and do what you do, and I'll just cleaning up after ya, and sooner or later this problem's gonna solve itself.