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Art puts Raylan on the Marshal duty of protecting Carol Johnson from those that mean her harm.  He follows her to Harlan County where she meets with Mags Bennett at her store and then has a meeting with the people to discuss why Black Pike will help create more jobs in the county.  He then takes her to his Aunt Helen's so that Carol can attempt to get her to sign over some property.  An attempt on Carol's life is made, but the only one to get shot is Arlo before Raylan saves the day.

Boyd continues to work for Carol and Black Pike, providing security and attempting to get land owners around the mine to sell Black Pike their property.  He runs into trouble with the Bennett brothers, who eventually break into his house to scare him.  Thankfully Ava is there to scare the Bennetts away with her shot gun.

Raylan tells Carol Johnson why there is such a history between the Bennetts and the Givens.  It is a feud that started way back in the days of prohibition.  It continued to grow when Raylan smashed Dickie's knee with a baseball bat during a game back in high school.


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Justified Season 2 Episode 8 Quotes

Art: You're dropping your shoulder.
Raylan: No I ain't.
Art: Maybe you're not. I never played any baseball.

Dickie: What are you boys up to now? Hmmm? You got yourselves some business up here?
Boyd: Oh same as you, I'd wager. Except of course, mine's legitimate.