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Raylan gets Tanner's name from Boyd.  He takes the name to Sheriff Napier, and says Tanner is good for the bomb under his car.  This makes the sheriff call for a meeting with Tanner, but Tanner never makes it.


He is busy getting money with Limehouse's #2, Errol.  When they go to retrieve money from a man, Tanner steps on one of the man's land mines.  Errol shoots the man and leaves Tanner on the mine.  Tanner calls the cops, but once they get there he accidentally arms it and blows himself up.


Meanwhile, Delroy's robbery goes south when one of his prostitutes gets shot and dies.  He tries to kill the other two girls who were witnesses, but Ellie May gets away.  She runs to Ava, who sets up a meeting with Delroy to give her back, but Ava kills Delroy instead.


Boyd makes a big speech at the Sheriff debate and wins the town over for Shelby.

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Justified Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

Limehouse: You ever had shoe fly pie?
Quarles: No, but judging by the name, I'm sure it's delicious.

Raylan: Still think you can change him, huh?
Ava: I'm not trying him. I'm trying to help him.