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Dewey takes Messer out to the mountains to kill him, but his plan doesn't work out perfectly.  He shoots Messer, but the informant gets away, so Dewey chases him all over the mountain.  Raylan and the Marshals eventually find Messer dead, so Dewey is in the clear for now.

Meanwhile, Raylan has a run in with the Crowe's, where little Kendall is found behind the bar.  In an attempt to force Daryl's hand, he takes Kendall into state's custody.

Boyd tracks Johnny to find out he is in with Hot Rod Dunham.  Ava has a run in with a male prison guard, but that is taken care of when he finds out she is protected.

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Justified Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

Are you a midget? Because that's a midget shovel.


I just about forgot how much I hate the sound of your voice. Using every word in the Webster's without ever saying a damn thing.