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Art gets shot while protecting Allison. Theo Tonin confesses to ordering the hit and pins the shooting on Picker. Raylan doesn't believe that's that truth. He gets a call from Wendy who tells him that Darryl wants to turn himself in. When Raylan shows up, Darryl's not there. Instead, Darryl and Kendal show up at the Marshal's office.

Kendal is the one who confesses to the shooting not Darryl. The Marshals listen in disbelief has Kendal tells them his version of what happened. He's taken into custody and Darryl is released.

Boyd is called to see Wynn Duffy about the drugs. He has Jimmy hide them from him. Boyd offers half of his half. When Picker gets upset, Boyd blows him up with a bomb in a pack of cigarettes. Boyd stays firm on his offer.

In prison, Ava appears to be in the clear for killing Judith. When Judith's follower approach, Ava fears retribution, but instead they leave her their ice cream.

Art's in critical condition in the hospital. The hour ends with Raylan sitting outside his hospital room on guard.

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