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On this episode of Justified…

Catherine and Wynn asks if Boyd stole money but he denies it.

Catherine is sleeping with Markham and they discuss her business.

Ty Walker continues to try and buy up land in Harlan.

Unfortunately, the realtor that he’s working with created a ledger to protect himself, which was stolen by Boyd.

Boyd tries to blackmail the realtor, but Raylan shows up at the meeting. Raylan takes his briefcase.

Ava reveals Boyd left the ledger at her place to Raylan, but he tells her to put it back. Boyd is waiting for her, but she yells at him for leaving the ledger.

Ava later decides to go to Boyd’s and reveal something Boyd missed about the deeds and ledger.

Raylan and Tim run into Choo Choo, who is working with Ty, and the two discover they are running an operation out of a pizza place. Raylan questions their motives in Harlan.

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Justified Season 6 Episode 2 Quotes

So, that is your daughter. I thought it was a random Internet baby.


When I hit you it comes hard, it comes fast, like a Choo Choo train.

Choo Choo