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On this episode of Justified...

Raylan goes through Arlo's trunk and burns it, but he keeps the key attached to the dog tags.

Ty shows up at Ava and Boyd's hoping to work with them to steal Avery's money from the safe.

Raylan confronts Zachariah about working with Boyd and discovers the explosives.

Raylan meets with Avery and agrees to work with him to bring Ty in.

Avery offers a $100,000 reward to bring Ty in.

Raylan shows up at Ava and Boyd's, who try and prevent him from finding Ty. However, after learning of the reward, they give Ty up.

Raylan shoots Ty as he tries to run away, killing him.

Boyd gets his reward and sees how much more money is in the safe.

Raylan tells Rachael how Boyd plans to rob the safe and that Ava is burned.

Raylan also learns that the key to the place he thought his father stored some bad things turns out to have nothing.

Raylan moves his headstone marker.

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Justified Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Damn Raylan, you in love with my balls.


The past and the future are a fight to the death.