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On this episode of Justified…

Raylan takes a break from the hunt for Ty and meets up with his wife and baby.

Winona tells Raylan that she wants to be with him and have him keep working. The two agree to give it a shot.

Avery is called in about the shootout, and Art steps in to chat with him about his past connections to Katherine and her husband. He wants to know who the snitch is and plants seeds of doubt about Katherine.

Boyd takes Ava out on a hunting trip, and she reveals that she has been working for Raylan. He freaks out, but Ava says it has always been about Boyd. He gives her a gun (which wasn’t loaded) to shoot him, but she refuses.

Boyd says they can work together and get the money before leaving.

Ty manages to keep running, even killing a few along the way.

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Justified Season 6 Episode 7 Quotes

It's been such a day.


You've been lying to me, Ava.