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On this episode of Justified…

Raylan gets a tip from Ava about Avery Markham.

Rylan and Tim begin to investigate the land being bought up and soon learn that Avery wants to begin his pot business right before it goes legal in Kentucky.

Avery wants to buy from Loretta, who got the land from Dickey, but she and Raylan decline the offer.

Raylan lets Avery know he’s coming after him.

Katherine takes Ava out on a day adventure and reveals her past with her husband, Grady, and her lover, Avery. She also calls out the guard having a change of heart that got Ava released.

Ava panics thinking Katherine knows.

Boyd attempts to get a safecracker in order to steal Avery’s money, but the man blows up.

Boyd plans on stealing Avery’s money and try and follow in his idea to buy up land for the pot business.

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Justified Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

What up, pimps?


When you stray from the trail, Raylan, that’s when you get lost.