Watch Justified Season 6 Episode 8 Online to see Raylan make an unlikely alley on his hunt for Ty. Boyd and Ava are also met with a predicament that might help them get Avery's money.

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Watch Justified Season 6 Episode 8 Online right here via TV Fanatic. Raylan starts digging into the past, while dealing with the present hunt on Ty. That leads to an unlikely ally in Avery. But Ty has found some luck with Boyd and Ava. That is untill a cash reward is announced. This cat and mouse episode is full of twists and turns that lays out the plan for the final episodes of Justified.

Episode Details

On Justified Season 6 Episode 8, Raylan makes a surprising offer to Markham.

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Justified Season 6 Episode 8 Quotes

Damn Raylan, you in love with my balls.


The past and the future are a fight to the death.