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Katy and K.O. are standing on the pavement after the proposal.

K.O. is shocked when a mugger grabs the ring and runs off. Katy questions the decision to propose and rushes to her friends.

Her friends agree that she should take some time to assess whether she really wants to get married.

Things get more difficult when she is asked to help the Prince find the perfect ring for his loved on at the store. He asks her to try it on.

Ultimately, though, he asks her to create one from scratch. Gloria is visibly mad, but she later gives Katy advice, while simultaneously asking her to work in both departments part-time.

Katy agrees and Gloria says she will deal with Francoise.

Things take a more emotional turn when she goes to K.O.'s family home to find that they are throwing an engagement party for them.

Katy decides against the engagement, noting that they don't even live with each other. She asks K.O. to move into the loft, and he agrees to wait on her.

Jorge gets ready to leave town after another big bump in the road, but he decides that NYC is where his heart lies.

Josie gets a job in a record store, but realizes that it is about to close down. She asks Alexander for help.

Pepper is thrown out of the hotel and buys a new space.

Katy Keene
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Katy Keene Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

Every Sunday when I was a little girl, my mom used to take me to the little lighthouse. She said it was our secret spot. Now, it's where I come to escape the city and get a little quiet time.


Hi mom, if you can hear me. Just give me a sign. What do I say to K.O.?