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Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 13 Episode 2 takes place during Paris Fashion Week.

After skipping her favorite week of the year for two years, Kim returned to Paris Fashion Week with her sister Kourtney. Kendall was also there to work, and they met up with momager Kris to watch Kendall walk in one of the shows. 

The trip took a turn when Kourtney got a call from Kim that she had been robbed. Kourtney was at the club with Kendall, and Kim's head of security, Pascal. Kim, meanwhile, was back at the room with one of their makeup artists, Simone. Kim recalled the scary night throughout the episode. 

Men dressed as Paris police officers entered her room using a key they took from the hotel concierge, who they tied up. The robbers asked Kim for money and her ring. Kim told them to take whatever they wanted, but begged them not to kill her. They tied Kim up, and she feared they would rape or kill her. There were moments when Kim thought she could get away, and moments when Kim thought her life was over.

The robbers left with her ring and other jewels, and threw Kim into the bathroom. She reunited with her family in New York.

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