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On Keeping Up with the Kardashians Season 14 Episode 5, Kourtney preps for her trip to Cannes but is blindsided when Scott reveals he's going too.

Plus, the Scott and Bella drama has finally made its way to the show and we see how much the photos of those two together bothered Kourtney and made her wary of Scott ever getting past this phase in his life.

More importantly, the three Kardashians take a trip to Planned Parenthood to become more informed after the government announced their plan to defund the organization.

While visiting, the trio meet three women who describe their experiences with Planned Parenthood to try and falsify the myth that Planned Parenthood is an abortion clinic, which is the popular painting of the organization in the media.

Meanwhile, Kourtney comes to Kim after Kim's assistant and Kourtney's best friend, Stephanie, tells Kourtney that she doesn't feel appreciated in her position, or rather doesn't feel gratified with what she's currently doing.

With said information, Kim goes to Stephanie to discuss what she said, but not before she complains about Stephanie going to Kourtney with this information instead of her.

While in Canne, Kendall and Kourtney visit one of Kourtney's fans.

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