After the media's reaction to her Paris robbery and the unflattering photos of her in Mexico, Kim's insecurities are at an all-time high. The reality star is feeling a lot of anxiety and doesn't want to leave the house unless she has to. On her way to the Met Gala, fans can see how stressed Kim is about getting her photo taken and wanting to look perfect. In an effort to make her feel better and move on, Kourtney and Khloé make a plan to delete all of her social media apps so she can't see what the haters are saying about her.

Kourtney's new relationship is finally getting addressed, but she doesn't use his name or show him on the show. Based photos and stories in the press, she is dating Younes Bendjima. She plans a birthday surprise for him, while Khloé watches her kids. Khloé and Kim both agree it's best not to ask Kourt for details about her love life because she is so "awkward."

Now that Khloé lives in Cleveland part-time, Kris feels like she never sees her. However, whenever Khloé tries to make plans with her mother, she is too busy. Khloé eventually gets her to enjoy some wine and quality time with her.

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