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Mere weeks after giving birth to Alijah, Kendra is shocked by the news of her husband Hank’s alleged sex scandal with a transsexual model. Did it really happen?!?

That's the focus of this premiere.

We watched as Kendra dealt with the fallout over the rumors, which went as follows:

Hank received a hand job at the Los Angeles apartment of Ava London, a transgender model who told The National Enquirer all about what happened. She was specific about a number of details that only someone who has been intimate with Hank could know.

You can imagine how this left Kendra reeling, especially considering that she was eight months pregnant with her daughter at the time of the alleged affair. Crazy, right?!?

Season 3 will be about whether or not Wilkinson can forgive her husband and whether or not this marriage can be saved. It may sound like an easy decision, but remember: these two have a pair of children.

There are many things Kendra must consider.

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