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Reese makes it her mission to find out what Kevin is up to. And she asks him to be the subject of a paper she has to write for school.

After Kevin gets his last severance pay from his old job, he and Yvette decide it's a good time for him to see the goodness of being gracious. He spends all his money doing random acts of kindness for strangers. His last act involves getting insulin to teenager Max.

Max's mother is hostile towards Kevin and he enlists Reese to get the medicine to the kid in exchange for agreeing to let Reese write about him for school. 

After meeting with the mother again and ensuring her that he just wants to help, Kevin meets with her ex husband. Enraged by his lack of compassion towards his own son, Yvette takes over Kevin's body and beats the ex husband up. 

Later, Kevin runs into one of the men he previously helped and discovers that he is an attorney. He gets him to meet with the mother who is drowning in medical debt. 

After completing his mission, Kevin has a vision of himself in a jungle being chased by a tiger. 

Amy finds the notebook Reese has been keeping about Kevin and finds out they were both arrested. Amy then tells Kevin he has to live her house. 

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World
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